DENPO Ultimate DAC


Aluminium monoblock case.Self-developed compromise free vibration damping and heat dissipation. Customized, extreme precision (AGC12 OCXO) clock generators.

Available colors: Black and Liquid (Liquid color have an extra net 1750 EUR fee)

Gross price: €12,080
Net: €9,512 + 27% Tax
Item Code: 005

The DAC is utilizing one of the best DAC chips on the market, the Texas Instruments PCM1792 in SRC dual mono configuration.

(Denpo: Truth)


 DAC chips are running in dual mono mode and can achieve 132dB dynamic range at
0.0004% distortion. The input is equipped with a low jitter SPDIF receiver that can achieve a
dynamic range of 144dB. The resolution is maximum 192kHz/24bit what we believe to be
the best currently available solution true to the music. All stages in the digital domain have
their own separate low noise power supply and the analogue section is powered by an external
power supply to provide the best power possible. The clock generator has an extreme
low jitter oscillator to provide musicality and better resolution. Parts of the analogue section
are the best available in the industry with high standards, low tolerance values even at different
temperatures. The PCB was designed by the highest standards, shortest possible routes
for the signal and power with sufficiently thick wires. In addition, operating temperature
also played an important role in the design and layout of the surfaces and conductors.


- aluminium monoblock case
- 5 circle full analogue power supply
- stepper volume control
- heated masterclock OCXO
- touchscreen (volume control, input selector, clock temperature, standby mode)
- USB/SPDIF internal converter panel with own power supply (USB 2.0 input, S/PDIF-RCA - AES/EBU-XLR outputs)
- high quality internal cabling
- 24bit/192kHz DAC panel with 2pcs PCM1792 DAC chip
- DAC and USB/SPDIF panels are connected with internal cables, but there is an option to connect with an external cables
- analogue outputs: 1 pair RCA , 1 pair XLR
- radio controlled remote controller in monoblock aluminium case (volume control, select input)
- available colors: black (black anodized), liquid (aluminium in polished finish)

-Short and optimised PCB for power distribution
-Separate low noise power supply at all stages
-High quality clock with low jitter
-Extremely short signal paths in all stages
-Best op amps in the analogue stages
-High quality parts with low temperaturedependency
-High quality – low tolerance resistors and capacitors in the analogue stages
-Physical separation of power supplies of digital and analogue sections
-8 pieces of precision voltage converters

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