Karuna ULTIMATE USB-S/PDIF High-End converter


USB/SPDIF High-End converter in Monoblock aluminium case

USB 2.0 Type B input,




Gross price: €4,035
Net: €3,177 + 27% Tax
Item Code: 002

       27% VAT included in prices

       Available colors:  black        



       Aluminium monoblock case.

       Self-developed compromise free vibration damping and heat dissipation

       SMD technique

       Newest XMOS X208 chip individual customized by Core Audio, controlled by extreme precision clock

       Redesigned 3th generation USB-S/PDIF panel + i2S HDMI differential amplified

       Customized extreme precision clock generators

          3pcs: 1 unique for XMOS control

                   1 unique for 44,1kHz and 48 kHz (+ multiplies till 192 kHz)

                   1 unique for USB port syncron     

       Siltech High End internal cabling

       SPDIF, AES/EBU : PCM 24bit/192kHz

                             I2s : PCM 24bit/192kHz, DSDx 

      -Short and optimised PCB for power distribution
      -Separate low noise LPSU power supply at all stages
      -Extremely short signal path in all stages
      -High quality parts with low temperature-dependency
      -High quality/low tolerance resistors and capacitors in the analogue stages


(Karuna - lit: compassion) Empathy and
compassionate caring expressed as a wish
for others and oneself to be free of suffering,
leading to action to help relieve suffering.)

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