DAIDO Barebone Entry


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Passive cooling Audio PC chassis (Streacom FC10)

8 circle full analogue low noise power supply

2 pcs toroidal transformer

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Net: €1,497 + 27% Tax
Item Code: Daido-Bar-En

The world of Audio PCs is gaining more and more popularity. This is due to the fact that stable software solutions have now developed. You no longer need to be an IT expert to home-assembly such a machine. However, the spread of the DIY approach calms dawn when the power supply, the heart of the Audio PC, comes to mind. The power supply part is difficult to solve in home conditions so that your PC is full analog powered, which is key to achieving the best sound quality. Core Audio wants to give an answer to this challenge by introducing the entry-level DAIDO Entry product.


The product is based on an 8-circuit analogue power supply powered by two separate transformers. The complete power supply is built into a passive-cooled Streacom FC10 housing. Beside our power supply solution this housing also provides enough room making the new owner able to assemble in even low-cost but multi-unit micro-ATX standard motherboards.

We shaped the power supply in a way that one of the supply circuit can feed a clock-signal supported USB card, so that the owner can reach even higher sound quality later with our machine. (The USB expansion card will also be available from our company.)



·      8-circuit analogue power supply (including one able to power a heated clock-signal USB card)

·      2 transformers for the proper power supply

Streacom FC10 passive cooled housing with complete accessories

The new housing owners can choose for themselves what architecture to equip the Audio PC with. This way they can avoid a onetime bigger money spending, instead they can continuously develop their product. 

Motherboard, processor, RAM, hard drive or SSD drive, optical drive or anything they want can be built in the computer by the owners.

Available from: 2018.10.27.


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