Audiophile switch with 2 switch modules, MasterClock and linearPSU

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- under 20 uV voltage noise in every DC circuit

- 2pcs 5 ports industrial switch panels

- 10Mhz OCXO reference clock for own designed MasterClock with ultra low phase noise and femto jitter parameters

- Core Audio designed 25 MHz TCXO Clock with 2pcs outputs for the switch modules

- switch modules are in PLL loop by Core Audio MonoClockMasterClock


  • Aluminium case with 4pcs silicone vibration damping pads
  • Passive cooling system
  • 3 pcs linear power supply stage
  • custom made triple shielded, antivibration damped toroidal transformers
  • transformers are separated from PSU units, the linear PSU modules are in good heat balance and shielded place
  • Neotech UP-OCC solid inside cabling
  • CNC milled parts inside