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General description

DENPO PREMIUM DAC is the smallest representative of digital-to-analog converters in our product range. The device is especially designed to offer a device that offers high quality sound at affordable price. The used ROHM BD34301 (MUS-IC) chip is a product of great japanese chip manufacturer, and it can produce impressive sound quality based on its technical parameters. Finally the sound of these equipments depends on the digital and analog circuits, PSU parts and clock management, dac chip capability. During the development phase we strived to get a great balance between PSU-digital-analog and clock parts, it means in the final sound a huge soundstage, well balanced high-mid and low freqs and natural warmth.

We've been able to develop the dac in a direction that offers versatile use thanks to its small size and seemingly a lot of digital ports to connect with different kind of digital source equipments (like CD transport with SPDIF output, music servers with i2S or USB outputs, TV unit with Toslink optical output).

We recommend it to those users too, whose source device has only USB audio output and would like to minimize the numbers of the digital source devices in the music chain. 

It has balanced and unbalanced outputs to connect to an integrated amplifier or preamplifier. Thanks to the rigid alumium case an RFI shielding to ensure proper panel cooling beside shielding. The analog and digital power supply transformers are wired separately to provide optimum insulation from power lines and sensitive parts.

The dac is available in a silver finished aluminum version as well as black anodized aluminum version. 

DENPO PREMIUM system with clock connection:

   DAIDO music server MCLK - 10 MHz 75 ohm BNC clockIN

   DENPO PREMIUM DAC - 10 MHz 75 ohm BNC clockIN

   KAGEN PREMIUM - 4 x 10 MHz 75 ohm BNC clockOUT

Technical specification

  • DAC panel based on 1ea ROHM BD34301 DAC chip
  • USB XMOS architecture
  • 7 pcs separated, full linear power supply circuits, separated for DAC board's digital, analog and clock module
  • triple GND solution
  • 2pcs insulated, unique designed transformers (one for digital, one for an analog linear PSU circuits)
  • High quality internal UPOCC wiring
  • 24/24.576/22.5792 TCXO + 10 MHz OCXO onboard masterclock management for DAC, TCXOs greatest than -105dB@10Hz phase noise, ultra low jitter, and masterclock PLL for the smoother sounding (-120dB@10Hz phase noise at OCXO unit)
  • USB reclocking unit (increase the quality of the external USB audio connection used the built-in masterclock
  • 10 MHz BNC 75ohm clock input for masterclock board to synchronize the unit with better clock sources
  • 6pcs DIP8 replaceable socket for high quality Single Operational Amplifiers
  • NOS dac
  • MQA NOT supported
  • No FPGA technology used in digital board

  • Analog outputs : 

1pair RCA (2Vrms)

1pair XLR (4Vrms)

  • Digital inputs and supported resolutions: 

USB-B (3.0) : 

    PCM 16/44.1 - 24/384kHz

    DSD64 - DSD128 - DSD256 native

    DoP not supported

i2S HDMI : 

    PCM 16/44.1 - 24/384kHz

    DSD64 - DSD128 - DSD256 native

    DoP not supported

RCA (digit coax) :

     PCM 16/44.1 - 24/192kHz

     DoP not supported


     PCM 16/44.1 - 24/192kHz

     DoP not supported


     PCM 16/44.1 - 24/192kHz

     DoP not supported

AES/EBU (digit XLR) :

     PCM 16/44.1 - 24/192kHz

     DoP not supported

- DAC / DAC chip datas:

  • 1 chip design
  • 16-24-32Bit Resolution
  • Receives 16, 20, and 24-bit audio data
  • Frequency response: 3Hz to 70kHz (+/- 3dB)
  • SNR: 130dB
  • (THD + N): -115dB
  • Dynamic range: 130dB
  • Maximum sampling frequency: 32 - 384KHz


Power supply voltage : EU 230V AC, 50 Hz (different voltage available for special request)

Fuse specification: T 2.5A (5x20mm 1ea)

Power consumption: 40W

Dimensions:  435mm x 325mm x 60mm 

Weight : 6kg net weight