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General description

DENPO Dac is the smallest representative of digital-to-analog converters in our product range. The device is specifically designed to offer a device that offers high quality sound at affordable prices. The used PCM 1794 chip is a product of Texas Instruments, and it can produce impressive sound quality based on its technical parameters. We've been able to develop the dac in a direction that offers versatile use despite its small size and seemingly few port ports.

We recommend it to those users whose source device has S/PDIF output and would like to replace the source device of the source device with another device (eg CD sliders or USB/SPDIF converters) in the music chain. It has 1 pair of analog RCA outputs to connect to an integrated amplifier or preamplifier. The dac is equipped with an aluminum monoblock vibration damping element, which, in addition to vibration damping, also performs heat exchanger and EMI shielding to ensure proper panel cooling. The analog power supply transformer is wired separately from the panel to provide optimum isolation from power lines and transformers.

The dac is available in a silver-plated aluminum version as well as a black anodized aluminum version. The small DENPO dac works great with our product's KARUNA P24 USB/SPDIF converter. The design of the two devices follows the same principles, so they belong to a family not only in terms of their function but also optically.

Technical specification

  • 24bit / 192kHz DAC panel equipped with 1pc PCM1794 DAC chip
  • 2 pcs Full analog power supply for DAC board and separately for clock module
  • 2pcs transformers (one unique designed for especially for DAC's linear PSU)
  • High quality internal UPOCC cabling
  • 12/24 MHz clock management for DAC chip, TCXO with -105dB@10Hz phase noise
  • 24 MHz miniXLR clock input for clock board to synchronize with 24 MHz Core Audio KARUNA P24 ReClocker
  • Analog output : 1pair RCA
  • Digital input : 1pc S/PDIF-RCA

- DAC chip datas:

  • 1 chip design
  • 16-24Bit Resolution
  • Receives 16, 20, and 24-bit audio data
  • (THD + N): 0.0004%
  • Maximum sampling frequency: 192KHz

P24 system with clock connection:

DAIDO music server with USB P24 card (24 MHz IN)

KARUNA P24 USB/SPDIF converter and reclocker AS MASTERCLOCK (24 MHz OUT)

DENPO P24 dac (24 MHz IN)