Rather than costs, all parts in our products are chosen exclusively on how they affect the sound and synergy within the system.

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Excellence and harmony

About us

What are we looking for?

  • It may be best described as peaceful mind or maybe it is a kind of meditative state that is created by music. For decades the ultimate goal has been to achieve the most faithful music reproduction and better sound quality that can never replace the magic of a live performance but we can closer and closer through technology and our understanding.
  • When we can reproduce emotions of a live performance, the atmosphere and the feelings the musician intended to convey, we know we are on the right path.

Analogue or digital?

Our philosophy is not to follow trends. We are trailblazers and flag-bearers because we are not satisfied with the performance of available options and their value for money to fullfill our desires in music reproduction. Our respect for music, questioning and removing of physical boundaries of technology, and the constant bettering of things are reflected in our activities and in our products.

  • Rather than costs, all parts in our products are chosen exclusively on how they affect the sound and synergy within the system.
  • We are here because we reached a milestone and we would like to share the experience with you. We believe that we created something that is the next level in reproducing traditional musical values through modern technology.
  • The Core Audio Daido digital transport and server merges the convenience of our times with all the virtues of analogue technology while being future-proof at the same time. The Denpo DAC was developed to match all the parameters of the transport and reproduces all details and nuances with unparalleled musicality.
  • Dynamic range and frequency extension is several times better now than in earlier standards (Redbook CD) and to make these audible improving the source is not sufficient. The whole audio chain needs to meet the new requirement of these parameters. Our uniform philosophy and standards guarantee that our products bring perfect spatial cues, realism and uncompromised listening experience for the discerning audience. More and better details may require us to re-learn how we listen to music due to the increased amount of information.

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Gábor Depner

Design Engineer

Phd. Mihály Erdélyi

International Business Development

Károly Gulácsi

Head of Software Development