The Muse SC

Speaker cable

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- BSM (1/4" spades & bananas)
- 144 RSC Gen 2 conductor per channel
- 8+ gauge conductor runs
- Positive/negative run for each channel
- Positive/negative conductor runs are 72 conductors each
- Extremely transparent and neutral
- Midrange and vocals are life-like with realism and presence
- Increased sense of warmth and richness
- Vivid and detailed imagery
- Musical, elegant and refined sound

  • Extremely transparent. Well defined and vivid images. Superior phase coherency. The ISM The 0.8 has 8+ conductor runs, SA-OF8N copper.
  • Each channel is comprised of 108 RSC Gen 2 conductors in Aero-PE dielectric. It also has positive/negative run for each channel. Positive/negative runs are 54 conductors each, helixed around Teflon air-tubes.