Core Audio products

Music Servers, USB-S/PDIF ReClockers, Digital to Analog Converters, MasterClocks

DAIDO Music Servers 

Digital source devices from Premium level to high-end Ultimate category

Accessories for Music Servers

You can find additional tools here that you can use to listen to your music files in better quality. By installing Core Audio USB Cards in a Music Server or PC, you get a significantly enhanced music quality output signal. When using Core Audio Audiophile Network Switches, the quality of audio files streamed from the Internet or the internal network is definitely improved. The widely used switching power supplies generate high mains noise and interference. Replacing these switching type power supplies by our Core Audio Linear Power Supplies results in a minimized, negligable noise level, thus the music experience significantly improves.

DENPO Digital to Analog Converters

Digital music information from source devices is converted to analog signals for other devices, such as preamplifiers, power amplifiers, or integrated amplifiers.

KARUNA USB/SPDIF Converters & ReClockers

Electronic signals are output from digital source devices via the USB port. USB / SPDIF Converters facilitate this data communication. Core Audio pays particular attention to accurate clock signals: we use reclocker synchronous and multi-circuit linear power supply. The Core Audio USB / SPDIF Converter & ReClocker can provide common clock synchronization for multiple devices as a reclocker.