The Grand Master Digital (HFX) - RCA/XLR

Digital cable with HFX Ground Station

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- Optimized RCA-75 ohm & XLR-110 ohm AES/EBU configuration
- Anti-corrosion coated SA-OF8N copper shield
- Supplied with TARALabs exclusive HFX Floating Ground Station System featuring ISM technology
- RSC Gen 3 SA-OF8N copper in-line hand polished conductors. 99.999999% pure copper, rectangular solid core
- Gen 3 conductors are mono-crystal, oxygen-free, frequency- tuned, hand-polished
- Optimized conductor and dielectric geometry
- Gen 3 conductor eliminates coloration and distortion & jitter
- Exceptionally revealing of low-level ambient and spatial information, holographic soundstage, extreme high-frequency extension
- Phenomenal dielectric construction and rectangular sold core conductors create an unbelievable, vanishingly low noise floor

  • The TARALabs Grandmaster Evolution Digital Interconnect uses a pair of TARALabs proprietary, special RSC Gen 3 Rectangular Solid Core conductors.
  • The TARALabs Grandmaster Evolution Interconnect uses a system of woven filaments constructed from small custom made Teflon tubes, to expand and displace the shield further away from the signal carrying conductors. In this way, the Grandmaster Evolution Digital Interconnect is able to reduce digital distortion, called 'jitter'.*(Jitter explains why Digital cables sound different from on to another)
  • The Grandmaster Evolution Digital cable is simply the most astonishing digital cable in the world today.

NOTE: Gen 3 conductors are only available in the Grand Master Evolution series cables. In the AES/EBU format, the conductors are critically spaced to ensure an exacting 110 Ohm characteristic impedance; this is the AES/EBU format used with XLR connectors. The RSC Gen 3 conductors are smaller than the Gen 2 version, and this provides an extremely extended bandwidth for the digital signal.