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- Gen2 Conductor is: 99.999999% Oxygen-free, mono-crystal, rectangular solid core, hand-polished, frequency-tuned copper conductor.
- Handcrafted in USA and lifetime guaranteed

- Excellent high-frequency extension & detail
- Tight bass & midrange
- Revealing
- Excellent soundstage
- Neutral & natural
- Extreme musicality

  • The Zero GX Phono-Cable is made using a pair of Rectangular Solid Core conductors for each channel. These two RSC conductors are combined with a group of eight smaller Teflon tubes, helixed around a larger Teflon center tube per channel. The conductors are continuous from end to end, not cut at the Phono-Cable Y junction.

  • The Zero GX Phono-Cable is not a simple twisted pair design with high Capacitance and attenuation of high-frequencies. The design intention is to provide a Phono-Cable with very low Capacitance and extreme high-frequency extension. The Zero GX Phono-Cable works well with all cartridges. When used with medium to high output cartridges, the Zero GX phono cable will certainly impress, as this is the domain it is well suited for.

  • Please note that TARALabs offers high-quality solutions for Low-Output Phono-Cartridges, namely the Zero LX Series of Phono-Cables.