The Grand Master Evolution SC

Speaker cable

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- BSM (with 1/4"or 5/16" Spades or Bananas)
- Gauge size is 000 = an area of 85,000 Square mm per channel
- SA-OF8N copper
- Each channel comprised of 288 Rectangular Solid Core conductors per channel
- Aero-PE GMI dielectric
- Separate positive and negative conductor run for each channel
- Helixed Rectangular Solid Core conductors and air-tube technology
- Spectacular power and clarity. Absolutely neutral and coherent
- Superb resolution of micro-detail and ambient information
- Incredible dynamic contrasts & vivid imagery
- Holographic soundstage & superb resolution of micro-details
- Excellent imaging & absolute coherent and neutral

  • The new Evolution speaker cable is a stunning achievement, boasting the greatest current-carrying capability of any speaker cable in the world, together with the High Frequency extension and linearity of a 32-gauge conductor. The Evolution Speaker Cable is an all air-dielectric design with 288 Rectangular Solid Core conductors per channel.
  • Importantly, the gauge size for each channel is far greater than any speaker cable ever made or ever conceived in history. The gauge size is not 10, or 6, or 4, or even 0. The gage size for an Evolution Speaker Cable is 000, that's an area of 85,000 square millimeters per channel. 
  • The The Grand Master Evolution SC - 'SP' model is also available. This is the upgraded version recommended for audio systems that require additional inductance.