RSC Air Forte SC

Speaker cable

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- BSM (1/4" spades or bananas)
- SAOF-8N copper conductors
- 10+ gauge conductor runs
- Each Teflon tube is helixed with 24 RSC Gen 2 conductors
- Neutral & revealing
- Linear and extended high frequencies
- Natural midrange and vocal frequencies
- Tight and articulate bass frequencies

  • The Air series and Air-tube technology of TARALabs has been at the forefront of audio cable design for more than twenty years. The Air Forte is a high-performance and highly affordable speaker cable. Each channel is comprised of two separate large Teflon tubes.
  • Each Teflon tube is helixed with 24 RSC Gen 2 conductors, making a total of 48 conductors per channel. This speaker cable takes full advantage of air dielectric design principles.
  • The Air Forte speaker cable (SC) has tight bass frequencies, with a neutral and revealing midrange, where images are rendered with precision and lifelike quality.

The Air Forte 'SP' model is also available. This is the upgraded version recommended for audio systems that require additional inductance