ISM Onboard Sub

Subwoofer cable

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- RCA/XLR termination
- Anti-corrosion Integrated silver braided shield w/onboard capsule
- RSC / SA-OF8N 99.999999% pure copper conductor
- Lumens air tube dielectric technology
- Articulated low mid and exceptional bass frequencies
- Additional high-frequency extension that fully supports a low bass signal

  • The ISM Sub-woofer cable from TARALabs is our top of the line sub-woofer cable.

  • Made with our Teflon Lumens tube, this cable uses an air dielectric which helps deliver a signal that is extremely clean and quite exceptional in delivering a sub-woofer sound that really shines in any home theater systems.

  • Using integrated shield to ground, with an onboard Ceralex capsule that virtually eliminates all EMI/RF interference. The end result is a sub-woofer cable that offers the listener a low-mid to bass sound that exemplifies realism as well as "shaking the foundations" of the house.