The Caprice II

Speaker cable

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- BSM (with 1/4" Spades or Bananas)
- 14 gauge LF ~ HF conductor runs.
- SA-OF8N copper.
- 99.999999% pure copper conductors, super-annealed, oxygen-free, frequency-tuned, rectangular solid core conductors (RSC)
- RSC Gen 1 conductors.
- Chemically stabilized custom polymers.
- Single-run bi-wiring convenience.
- Powerful bass weight with full range dynamics.
- Articulate and detailed high frequencies
- Excellent soundstage, spatial cues and musicality

  • The Caprice II is an excellent high-end stereo loudspeaker cable, using the Gen 2 (RSC) Rectangular Solid Core conductors. The cable geometry & design uses two of the Gen 2 conductors for the positive run, and another two Gen 2 conductors for the negative run.
  • The Caprice II delivers clean and dynamic bass frequencies with a very open and natural sounding mid-range that is well extended into the high-Frequency ranges.