The Grand Master Evolution

Interconnect cable with HFX Ground Station

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- All new proprietary "dual mono-block" floating ground station (HFX) and floating shield system

- Controlled spacing of conductor to conductor geometry, produces record low interconnect capacitance of a mere 2 pF (picofarads - cable capacitance measured in picofarads / pF)

- Additionally the conductor to shield capacitance is remarkably low so the EMI/RFI coupling from the shield to conductors is negated

  • The most advanced air-tube technology and design
  • The outer shield is expanded and spaced away from the conductors to such a degree that the background noise is at an all-time low
  • The Grand Master Evolution Series from TARA Labs is truly beyond belief. It is quite simply the new watershed in the art and science of audio cable design. The Evolution Series is in a class of its own, beyond all other audio cable products in the history of the audio industry worldwide.
  • Two layers of anti-corrosion coated SAOF-8N copper shield
  • The Grand Master Evolution Interconnect uses the same multi-lumen air-tube concept invented by TARA Labs as used in the ZERO Interconnects and the AIR Series Interconnects originally developed in 1986. However, the Evolution Interconnect is remarkably flexible.
  • Compared to the Zero Evolution, The Grand Master Evolution has a larger, more complex system of Teflon and Aero-PE filaments that ensure a complete air dielectric system.
  • The most revealing and lifelike presentation possible
  • The Evolution Interconnect uses the same displaced and Floating Shield design together with a new Dual Mono-Block HFX Ground system with greater absorption of RF/EMI and a vanishingly low background noise.
  • Compared to the Zero Evolution, The Grand Master Evolution has a high-frequency bandwidth that is 50% greater, with a stunning low level of background noise contrasted with more image outlines and fine detail
  • Revolutionary liquid micro-film (LMF) dielectric ensures a linear transfer of low-level ambient and spatial information
  • Incredibly, the new Grand Master Evolution Interconnect boasts a remarkably low capacitance figure of just 2 pF per foot. This means that the new Evolution has a High Frequency bandwidth that is more than 300% greater than any other high-end cable in the world.