Ultra low noise linear PSU with 1, 2 or 3 DC outputs

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General information

Nowadays, the power supply of households is of poor quality due to the increased number of connected electronic devices. This condition is negatively and increasingly affecting the audio devices and sound quality .

We charge our household appliances and mobile phones with switching power supplies; our solar panels use inverters. All of these constantly introduce interfering elements into the power supply. Audio devices are particularly sensitive to the quality of power supply. This is why linear power supplies applied recently for better sound quality. The linear power supplies offered to the devices must be used in place of the switching power supply, thus freeing our device from the harmful effects that would come from the direction of the power supply.

When configuring and sizing the Core Audio Power Supply (PSU), it must be taken into account that passive cooling is limited: it can dissipate 70W of heat on its cooling surface. For example, if someone wants three pieces of power supply (5V@2.5A + 5V@2.5A + 9V @ 1A) in the device, it can be calculated that around 35 W is the thermal power, so it fits well in the 70 W heat dissipation frame.

You can request the device with only one power supply, for example, if you power a NAS with it. This requires 12A @ 5A power, so it also falls below the maximum heat dissipation limit.

If the user wants to supply power to an audio device that requires several different voltages at the same time (eg + 12V, -12V, 3.3V), this can be solved with 1-1 power supply module per voltage. In this case, the three outputs are combined and mounted with connectors corresponding to the type of connector of the device to be powered (e.g., devices with 5pin, 7pin pair). 

Core Audio DC Cables

A separate DC cable is available for the Core Audio Power Supply on request. Core Audio DC cables are available with a 2.1mm or 2.5mm DC connector, pulled into cable glands and it can be made of UP-OCC solid copper.

The price of the Core Audio DC cable depends on the length of the cable and the selected material and design. Please indicate individual requests during your enquiry.

Technical specification

  • Ultra low noise power panel (below 14uV).
  • 3 outputs with miniXLR connector.
  • Individually configurable current values: 0.5A, 1A, 1.5A, 2A, 2.5A, 3A, 3.5A, 4A, 4.5A, 5A and voltage values: 3V - 15V DC.
  • The entire cooling surface can dissipate 70W of heat. Based on this value, it is possible to calculate how many and what kind of power supplies can be mounted in the power supply unit.
  • One or two shielded, vibration-damped, custom-made toroidal transformers with on-demand sizing.
  • The Core Audio PSU housing is fully enclosed, vibration-damped thick-walled, fiber-drawn aluminum. CNC milled for proper design. All electronics are shielded, transformers and DC outputs have a separate pocket inside the housing. The heat sink is placed below for optimal heat dissipation.
  • The internal wiring is UP-OCC copper, for which we use a silver-plated solder.
  • 230V AC input with IEC safety fuse (power cord not included).
  • The power button has two positions, LED illumination, clearly indicates the on state.
  • Brushed, closed aluminum housing

  • IEC 230V AC connector

  • 1 power button on the front panel, a white LED indicates the on status

  • 3 mini XLR connectors (DC output, "V" and "A" values labeled separately per connector)

  • fuse: 5x20mm, fuse, 1A T

Configuration and order method:

please give us how many voltage and amper do you need, for example:

1. DC output: 5V@3A  ... 2.5mm DC plug

2. DC output: 5V@3A ... 2.5mm DC plug

3. DC output: 9V@1A ... 2.1mm DC plug

Other specification

  • dimensions: 272 x 212 x 60 mm

  • net weight: max. 5kg