Audiophile switch with 2 switch modules, ReClock and linearPSU

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General description

Ultra low noise fully linear power panels. They contain three linear power supplies, which are designed with audio aspects in mind: two for powering the two switch modules, one separate for powering the ReClocker panel. These are galvanically separated from each other (below 14uV). Because the 3 power supplies are built into the device, users no longer have to purchase separate power supplies in addition to their device.

5 inputs / outputs per switch module. #1 and #2 received special designation numbers. These must be connected in series for use using a CAT cable.

25 MHz XO and 10MHz reference OCXO heated oscillators provide quality, noise-free clock signal for the switch modules. In order to an accurate signal transmission and clock synchronization, the oscillators are connected by special quality signal-cables with connectors used in clock technology.

Core Audio SWITCH:

  • contains heavy-duty industrial switch modules, so durability and technical compliance can be guaranteed in the long run
  • triple shielded, vibration-damped, custom-made toroidal transformer, which can be scaled on demand
  • the housing of the SWITCH is fully enclosed, fiber-drawn, vibration-damped, thick-walled aluminum
  • CNC milling is used for proper design
  • all electronics are shielded, the transformers have a separate pocket inside the housing
  • the internal wiring is UP-OCC copper, for which we use a silver-plated solder
  • 230V AC input with IEC fuse (power cord not included)
  • power button has two positions, LED illumination, clearly indicates the on state

Technical specification

  • Aluminium case with 4pcs silicone vibration damping pads
  • Passive cooling system
  • 3 pcs linear power supply stage
  • custom made triple shielded, antivibration damped toroidal transformers
  • transformers are separated from PSU units, the linear PSU modules are in good heat balance and shielded place
  • Neotech UP-OCC solid inside cabling
  • CNC milled parts inside