USB P24 OCXO PCIe card

USB card for high-end Music Servers

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General description

Core Audio has already used USB cards from different manufacturers to build its own Music Server. Our users have used the CoreAudio Music Server products with great satisfaction.

On the other hand, our company has moved a lot of energy and resources, development reserves to the development and improvement of Core Audio Oscillator and CoreAudio power supply technology. We have now used this acquired knowledge and experience to develop our own USB card family.

We have come to the conclusion that several USB cards need to be developed depending on the applications. The goal was to integrate a quality of the audio output area (USB) in our devices which levels to our own values with other components in the Core Audio Music Server. Of course, the optional CoreAudio USB Cards can not only be integrated into the Core Audio Music Server, but customers can also integrate them into their own PCs.

The created Core Audio USB card family:

Core Audio USB P24 OCXO

The middle member of the family have serious power and oscillator technology built in: it is equipped with PLL loop technology having excellent parameters in itself, so if you get into an environment where you don't have external clock, it still performs beautifully. But there is also room for further improvement: related external power can be used to enhance the abilities. 

With the Core Audio USB P24 OXCO card, significant advances can be experienced when playback of audio material. These advances apply in both cases: when the signal is transferred from the card to a DAC or to DDC with USB input:

  • in the absence of a switching power supply, we can experience a noise-free, calm sound image,
  • the PLL loop technology of XO - OCXO clocks is currently state-of-the-art in audio equipment, with outstanding capabilities,

  • signal / noise ratio improves, so we can perceive new small details and musical information,

  • spatial information is improved, stereo spatial representation is more precise, instrument separation becomes more accurate,

  • the card is less sensitive to electromagnetic and radio frequency external influences due to EMI / RFI shielding,

  • due to the cooperation of OCXO and XO oscillator technology, the music seems more fluid, softer ("analog") for the user. This is resulted from the fact that it eliminates noise from the upper range and the deep range will be more caught and faster.

The Core Audio USB P24 OXCO card is optionally available with a linear power input, so it can be connected to the Core Audio CAP-3 linear power supply in our product range. This can be used to further improve audio reproduction.

Technical specification

  • 2pcs USB 3.0 ports
  • Normal or low profile bracket
  • Low profile bracket is without any port opens.
  • Normal profile bracket can be order with additional options:
  • Clock IN 10 MHz clock signal input (the signal coming from KARUNA Reference USB/SPDIF Reclocker)
  • DC IN 2.1mm socket (from the socket the 5VDC@1A current passes  to the 4pins molex socket with UP-OCC solid wire)
  • DC IN 2.5mm socket (from the socket the 5VDC@1A current passes to the 4pins molex socket with UP-OCC solid wire)
  • 1pc 10MHz MMCX input on PCB (the external clock signal can connect to this socket)
  • own developed 24 MHz onboard low phase noise (-105dB@10Hz) XO add the clock signal to the controller IC
  • 10MHz Reference class OCXO with PLL for compromise-free sound quality
  • Renesas USB host controller IC
  • PCIe card can connect to the motherboard's free PCIe x16 slot (the PCIe card can't take any current from the motherboard's PCIe slot)
  • 4 layer, gold plated, double shielded PCB
  • soldered with silver content material
  • onboard LED signal feedback from clock's external lock and USB-port's optimal current
    For the normal operation the necessary burn-in time is about 100-150 working hours.

4pin amp pinout of plug (+5V and GND only):

P24 system with clock connection: 

   DAIDO music server with USB P24 card (24 MHz IN)

   KARUNA P24 USB/SPDIF converter and reclocker AS MASTERCLOCK (24 MHz OUT)

   DENPO P24 dac (24 MHz IN)