FET Power Amplifier


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General description

Stereo power amplifier (available as full balanced monoblock power amp too). When designing the amplifier, we held musicality as priority which in turn results in low distortion and high dynamic range. Amplification phase has 20 pcs high performance FETs per channel. A/B class amplifier. Low tolerance parts were used with low heat dependence. Precise voltage amplifier has been included which is operated on stabilized voltage on both channels. Output impedance is extremely low.

Technical specification

  • CNC milled aluminium monoblock case
  • Own developed vibration damping, heat dissipation
  • Maximum current output per channel can exceed 75A which played an important role in designing the buffer for the power supply
  • The amplifier's low level signal bandwidth exceeds 800kHz and as such its phase shift is negligible in the 1Hz-40kHz region
  • Siltech G7 Ag-Au wires at speaker terminals and RCA/XLR connectors
  • Capacitors 2 x 160.000 uF

- Peak power: (peak)

  • 150W / 8 ohm, 
  • 300W / 4 ohm, 
  • 600W / 2 ohm per chanel, 
  • bridge mode:
  • 500W / 8 ohm
  • 900W / 4 ohm

  • Normal Power
  • 75W / 8 ohm, 
  • 150W / 4 ohm, 
  • 300W / 2 ohm per chanel, 
  • bridge mode:
  • 250W / 8 ohm, 
  • 500W / 4 ohm

Other specification