DENPO Reference DAC

Our reference product

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Gross price: 4 050 €*

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- Monoblock aluminum construction (vibration damping, heat dissipation, RFI / EMI shielding)
- 3-circuit, separated, shielded, full analogue power supply (separate for digital and analogue circuits)
- Digital volume control
- TCXO clock generator
- 2.4 "touch screen (volume control, input selection, mute function, standby mode)
- Inputs: 2pcs S / PDIF-RCA, 1pcs AES / EBU-XLR
- Outputs: 1 pair analog RCA, 1 pair symmetric XLR
- High quality internal wiring, analog and digital signal lines MUNDORF Ag-Au wires
- 24bit / 192kHz DAC panel with 2 PCM1792 DAC chips with dual mono operation
- Optional Bluetooth module for remote control with Android and iOS applications (volume control, input selection, standby)
- Available colors: black (brushed elox), silver (brushed aluminum)

Sample rate converter Chip

  • Dynamic Range: -60dB Input
  • (A- from 20kHz to 216kHz Weighted): 144dB typical
  • (THD + N) value for Full-Scale input: -140dB typical
  • 24 bit resolution

DAC chip

  • 24Bit Resolution
  • Dual Mono Design Dynamic power: 132 dB
  • (THD + N): 0.0004%
  • Receives 16, 20, and 24-bit audio data
  • Maximum sampling frequency: 192KHz


  • ULTIMATE DAC at the top of the Core Audio DAC product range and user feedback have come up with the idea and the need to develop a dac, which in many ways resembles the top of the portfolio, but we can offer our customers at a much more affordable price with little compromise. So we started working on the DENPO Reference dac. The PCM 1792 chips still provide the soul of the unit in a dual mono architecture, as in the ULTIMATE dac. The dac panel is supported by a TCXO clock generator. Thanks to these solutions, the device has excellent technical parameters and can be classified as high sound quality in the upper segment of the audiophile category.

  • The dac also includes a digital volume control unit, so you can even connect the preamp without leaving the system directly. The power supply circuits and power lines are separated from the signal lines.

  • Housed in an aluminum block, the housing delivers proper weighting and vibration damping for the Reference DAC's internal units and provides optimum heat dissipation. The Reference DAC has several inputs: 2pcs S / PDIF-RCA and 1pcs AES / EBU-XLR, so you can connect multiple source devices and perfect pairing with our high-bandwidth and low distortion KARUNA Reference or KARUNA ULTIMATE USB / SPDIF product range