USB-S/PDIF Converter and ReClocker

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General description

  • Aluminium case with silicone vibration damping
  • Passive cooling system and heat dissipation unit
  • Own designed, double shielded toroidal transformers with vibration damping system
  • 2pcs ultra low noise (under 20uV) PSU
  • Newest XMOS X216-512 chip individual customized by Core Audio, controlled by extreme precision clock
  • Redesigned 3th generation USB-S/PDIF panel
  • Own developed extreme precision TCXO clock generators (3 pcs), phase noise -105dB@10Hz, ultra low jitter  in PLL with onboard 10MHz OCXO
  •      1pc for XMOS and USB port control (24.0000 MHz)
  •      1pc for 44,1kHz and their multiplies till 176,4 kHz, (22.5792 MHz)
  •      1pc for 48 kHz and their multiplies till 192 kHz, (24.5760 MHz)
  • Short and optimised PCB for power distribution
  • Separate low noise LPSU power supply at all stages (2pcs)
  • High quality clocks with ultra low jitter
  • Extremely short signal path in all stages
  • High quality parts with low temperature-dependency
  • High quality -low tolerance resistors and capacitors

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Technical specification

  • USB/SPDIF audiophile converter
  • 10 MHz OCXO reference oscillator in ReClocker module (-118dB@10Hz phase noise)
  • INPUT:  USB 2.0 Type B
  • Reclocked OUTPUTS:
  •     1pc S/PDIF-RCA 75 ohm
  •     1pc AES/EBU-XLR 110 ohm
  •     2pcs 24 MHz Clock output (for P24 USB-card and DENPO P24 DAC            sync)

P24 system with clock connection:

DAIDO music server with USB P24 card (24 MHz IN)

KARUNA P24 USB/SPDIF converter and reclocker AS MASTERCLOCK (24 MHz OUT)

DENPO P24 dac (24 MHz IN)