Interconnect cable

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Gross price: 65 926 HUF*

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- RCA (Torque-Lock) termination or XLR
- Shielded solid core
- Frequency-tuned twisted SA-OF8N ("Super Annealed, Oxygen-free, 99.99% pure copper") conductors
- Superior to OEM supplied cables
- Details & high frequency extension
- Soundstage & musicality with spatial cues
- 24 pF (cable capacitance measured in picofarads / pF)
- All hand-crafted in Oregon, USA and lifetime guaranteed

  • TARALabs Apollo interconnects (formerly Apollo II) uses extremely high quality materials such as Teflon in its construction, as well as gold plated terminations while being all hand-crafted. This high-end fully shielded Solid Core twisted pair of frequency tuned SA-OF8N interconnects will upgrade and elevate your stereo system. The performance of this audio cable is detailed, accurate, neutral and open with great musicality.